Return of the Whispering Tyrant

Day 1: Goodbye to an old friend

Quinn, Saxby, Aryn and Faisal arrived to Professor Lorrimor’s funeral. Before he could be laid to rest, a group of thugs, armed with rakes, hoes, shovels, and other farming implements stood in their way.

(Summary in simple terms, filled out later)

Party defeats locals trying to stop the burial with smooth words, some dead burst from their graves, and while fighting, they see a man glaring at them, departing the scene in a hurry.

They return to the house of Kendra Lorrimor, and find the professor has willed them a substantial amount of money, which they are only available to receive if they remain with and protect Kendra for a minimum of a month. After that, they have been asked to deliver several ominous-looking and -sounding books to the University at Lepidstadt.

The party woke to find a large V painted on the memorial in town square. After cleaning the monument, they traveled to the church of Pharasma to do some research. they were met with suspicion, but eventually allowed to use the churches library for research.

They were able to find some of the history behind harrowstone (the prison), and


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